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Our Services

Groundwater Exploration

We evaluate depth to groundwater, yield of aquifer, groundwater flow and quality

Geophysical Site investigation

We have both equipment and professionals to handle VES and 2-D resistivity survey, VLF and PQWT investigation for groundwater exploration and subsurface characterization.

Geological Mapping

Our percussion and rotary drilling rigs have SPT and sampler to aid soil profiling and bearing capacity

Pile Load and Integrity Tests

Our piling engineers and pile load test equipment can handle both Kentledge and compression methods of pile load test

Building Integrity Test

We have professionals in civil and structural engineering to handle non-destructive assessment of foundation soil, concrete beams/columns and reinforcements with modern equipment such as EVD, Schmidt hammer, and rebar scanner.

Academic Research

The company is affiliate to geology and engineering departments of many higher institutions of learning in Nigeria, we participate in field and laboratory investigations for research purposes.

Road Investigation and Quality Control

Preconstruction investigation for road design and post construction road assessment for quality control. We have equipment for field moisture, in-situ density, field CBR, cutters for asphalt and concrete.

Deep and Shallow Foundation

Shallow foundations are suitable for lighter loads and stable soil conditions near the surface, while deep foundations are used for heavier loads or when soil conditions at the surface are inadequate.

Laboratory Testing of Soil

Our standard Material Testing laboratory is equipped with facilities for soil, aggregates, and asphalt test. We have a standard Data laboratory for basic software for processing field and laboratory test data.

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